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Aphrodisiac properties of some Zimbabwean medicinal plants formulations

GM Gundidza, VM Mmbengwa, ML Magwa, NJ Ramalivhana, NT Mukwevho, W Ndaradzi, A Samie


The aim of the present study was to determine the effects of formulations composed of Mondia whitei, Ekebergia capansis, aloe tincture (Aloe exelsa) and pumpkin seed (Cucurbita pepo) on sexual behaviour of inexperienced male rats. Male rats were treated orally with ethanol extracts of M. whitei and E. capensis, aloe tincture (from aloe juice) and pumpkin seed powder. The sexual behaviour of the rats treated with extracts was compared with those treated with 100 ìg of testosterone as the positive
control and those receiving normal rat feed as negative control. The receptivity of the females was rendered homogeneous with daily dose of estadiol benzoate. The sexual behaviour of the rats were observed over one ejaculatory phase for five consecutive days. The results showed a dose dependent increase in sexual arousability (decreased mounting latency), copulatory efficiency (decreased intercoupulatory interval) and improved sexual sensation (increased in neuromotor activity) for the rats
treated with M. whitei and E. capensis, aloe and pumpkin seeds showing an increase in sexual performance in terms of intromissions and ejaculatory latency which also improved sexual sensation and coupulatory efficiency. The formulations of plants under investigation showed significant
aphrodisiac properties.
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