Effect of Volvariella volvacea cultivaton on the chemical composition of agrowastes

  • BJ Akinyle
  • FA Akinyosoye
Keywords: Volvariella volvacea, agrowastes, chemical composition


The Mushroom, Volvariella volvacea, was cultivated on various agrowastes. Maximum mycelia extensions were recorded in cotton waste (98.23 ± 0.1 mm) and a combination of rice husk and cotton waste (101.87 ± 0.4 mm). A decrease in moisture content resulted in significant increase percentage
crude protein content of mushroom-treated waste compared to the untreated. Moisture content decreased from 61.48 in the mushroom-treated groundnut shell to 51.20% in the untreated. Untreated Groundnut shell had crude protein of 3.61% while treated had 8.42%. Crude protein content of sorghum
shaft increased from 2.51% in the untreated to 8.77% in treated waste. Similar trend was observed in the various waste combinations. While changes in crude fibre and ash content of treated and untreated wastes were not significant, mineral contents were observed to increase. Phosphorus and potassium
ion content also increased in mushroom-treated samples.

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eISSN: 1684-5315