Potential of mathematical modeling in fruit quality

  • MA Vazquez-Cruz
  • I Torres-Pacheco
  • R Miranda-Lopez
  • O Cornejo-Perez
  • AR Osornio-Ríos
  • R Romero-Troncoso
  • RG Guevara-Gonzalez
Keywords: Mathematical modeling, fruit quality, respiration, photosynthesis and assimilation of nutrients


A review of mathematical modeling applied to fruit quality showed that these models ranged inresolution from simple yield equations to complex  representations of processes as respiration, photosynthesis and assimilation of nutrients. The latter models take into account complex  genotype environment interactions to estimate their effects on growth and yield. Recently, models are used to estimate seasonal changes in quality traits as fruit size, dry matter, water content and the concentration of sugars and acids, which are very important for flavor and aroma. These models have demonstrated their ability to generate relationships between physiological variables and quality attributes (allometric relations). This new kind of hybrid models has sufficient complexity to predict quality traits behavior.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315