Comparative molecular analysis of old olive (Olea europaea L.) genotypes from Eastern Mediterranean Region of Turkey

  • C Durgac
  • Y Kiyga
  • M Ulas
Keywords: Genetic resources, genetic variability, olive, Olea europaea L., RAPD.


Olive is an important Mediterranean tree species having many different ways of utilizations. The olive grove is an important farming sector in Turkey and dates back to thousands years, particularly in Anatolia. An historical culture of olive resulted in a broad genetic base for olive which is a long-lived tree. We compared the genetic profiles of six old olive cultivars from an Eastern Mediterranean Region of Turkey to 15 modern Turkish olive cultivars from different geographical origins. The RAPD profiles successfully clarified the molecular relationships among the genotypes tested. Seventeen RAPD primers generated 153 reproducible bands, 81% of which were polymorphic. The data were subjected to
cluster and principle coordinates analyses. Cluster analysis supported three small groups based on geographical origins and these groups did not include any of the old cultivars. The old cultivars scattered around the ungrouped accessions and formed four subgroups. Principle coordinate resulted in similar overall patterns. Our results revealed that although sampled from a relatively narrow region, the old olive cultivars have broad genetic basis and are closely related to some of present-day

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315