Aerobic decolourization of two reactive azo dyes under varying carbon and nitrogen source by Bacillus cereus

  • IO Ola
  • AK Akintokun
  • I Akpan
  • IO Omomowo
  • VO Areo
Keywords: Bioremediation, decolourization, textile dye, Bacillus cereus.


Bacillus cereus isolated from dye industrial waste, that is, effluent and soil samples was screened for its ability to decolourize two reactive azo dye – cibacron black PSG and cibacron red P4B under aerobic conditions at pH 7 and incubated at 35°C over a five day period. Different carbon and nitrogen
sources were used for the decolourization study. B. cereus was able to decolourize cibacron red P4B by (81%) using the combination of ammonium nitrate and sucrose, while it decolourizes cibacron black PSG by (75%) using yeast extract and lactose.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315