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Epidermal leaf characteristics and seasonal changes of net photosynthesis of five <em>Populus</em>

SY Woo


Net photosynthesis (PN) and leaf epidermal characteristics of five poplars; 72-31 (Populus alba x Populus glandulosa), Eco28 (Populus euramericana), Suwon (Populus koreana x Populus nigra var. italica), Dorskamp (Populus deltoides x P. nigra), and 62-2 (P. nigra x Populus maximowiczii) were investigated to come up with parameters for comparison. The poplars, 72-31, Suwon and Dorskamp had a significant PN decreasing from May through September. A wide significant variation in the stomata size and density of the genotypes were observed. Especially, Dorskamp and 62-2 had significantly lower number of stomata than Eco-28, 72-31 and Suwon had, but significantly larger stomata length than Suwon and 72-31 had. In addition, 72-31 had trichomes in the abaxial surface, which may be one of the phytoremediation characteristics of this clone compared to other clones.

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eISSN: 1684-5315