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Preliminary study on the antioxidant effect of <i>Kigelia africana</i> fruit extract (Bignoniacieae) in male Sprague- Dawley rats

OO Azu
FIO Duru
AA Osinubi
CC Noronha
SO Elesha
AO Okanlawon


Testicular germ cells as well as epididymal maturing spermatozoa are endowed with enzymatic and non-enzymatic scavenger systems to protect lipid peroxidation damage. A number of pathologies and systemic challenges can lead to an antioxidant/pro-oxidant disequilibrium. With increasing interest in herbal therapies for management of some fertility-related and inflammatory conditions, we investigated the antioxidant effect of Kigelia africana fruit extract (KAFE) on normal rats. KAFE showed a non-dose dependent elevation in testicular catalase (p < 0.05), significant decline in malondialdehyde (p < 0.001) and an up-regulation of glutathione (p < 0.001) levels. Seminal parameters were also enhanced by KAFE with the lower dose producing better effects. Male infertility is frequently accompanied by increased testicular or seminal fluid oxidative stress. This result provides further scientific basis for the use of KAFE in the treatment of male infertility.