Comparative analysis of regulatory elements in different germin-like protein gene promoters

  • T Mahmood
  • N Nazar
  • T Yasmin
  • BH Abbasi
  • M Ahmad
  • SMS Naqvi
Keywords: Germin-like protein gene, regulatory elements mapping, promoter


Germin and germin-like proteins (GLPs) the members of cupin superfamily of proteins, which are functionally most diverse proteins. Germin and GLPs have some unique features as they are highly resistant to proteases and to degradation by heat, high pH and detergents like Sodium dodecyl
Sulphate (SDS). They are water soluble extracellular enzymatic protein that may also have Oxalate Oxidase (OxO), Superoxide dismutase (SOD) or ADP-glucose pyrophosphate or phosphodiestrase (AGPPase) activities. At the moment seven GLP gene promoter from different organisms have been studied and published. These all promoter sequences have been analyzed in this study. It was observed that these promoters have important regulatory elements, which are involved in various important functions. These elements have been compared on the basis of location, copy number, and distributed on positive and negative strands. It was also observed that some of these elements are common and remained conserved among all GLP promoters during evolution. Such regulatory elements are commonly observed in seed storage proteins, dehydration in response to light, senescence observed on exposure to dark and in elements specific for expression in pollen. Moreover, these common
elements are reported to be expressed under environmental stresses (salt and pathogen attack) and to growth regulators.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315