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High efficiency indirect shoot regeneration and hypericin content in embryogenic callus of <i>Hypericum triquetrifolium</i> Turra

EA Oluk
S Orhan
Ö Karakas
A Çakir
A Gönüz


A method to induce indirect regeneration from Hypericum triquetrifolium Turra was described in the present study. Callus was induced from cotyledon explants of 35 days old aseptic seedlings on semisolid MS supplemented with IAA (0.5 mg.L-1) combined with BAP (2 mg.L-1). Meristemoids developed on the surface of callus by decreasing of the cytokinins and plantlet regeneration with 100% frequency through these embryogenic calli occured in semi-solid medium when the PGRs were removed completely. Embryogenic calli obtained during the experiments were analyzed for their hypericin content. And they were found to produce hypericin as 48 ìg/g DM. Regenerated plantlets were rooted in MS containing 1 mg/L IAA. The highest percentages (94%) of survival of transferred plantlets to freeliving circumstances were limited when they were acclimatized in sand : peat : perlite (1:1:1; v/v/v) mixture.

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eISSN: 1684-5315