Plasma kinetics of intravenously administered lactosein- saline in healthy and Trypanosoma congolense infected rams

  • GD Chechet
  • I Umar
  • A Nok
  • AS Jonathan
  • JJ Omage
Keywords: Trypanosoma congolense, trypanosomosis, lactose


The effect of Trypanosoma congolense infection on plasma kinetics of intravenously administered lactose was investigated in apparently healthy and T. congolense infected rams. Four rams infected with T. congolense and 4 uninfected rams were each infused intravenously with repeated doses of 0.5 g/kg body weight lactose in saline, thrice daily at 4 h interval. Blood was collected at specified intervals and analyzed for residual lactose. Plasma kinetic parameters such as biologic half-life (t1/2), elimination
rate constant (Ke), total clearance (CT) and volume of distribution (Vd) were calculated from the data obtained. The mean values for the t1/2, Ke, Vd and CT for the infected group were 5.328 ± 1.045, 1.682 ±0.289 h-1, 508.75 ± 41.987 ml/kg and 68.378 ± 1 7.571 ml/kg/h, respectively. The mean values for the uninfected group were 5.336 ± 0.753, 2.408 ± 0.817 h-1, 517.00 ± 196.592 ml/kg and 53.223 ± 14.888 ml/kg/h respectively. Infection with T. congolense significantly affected only the elimination rate constant Ke.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315