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Synthesis and characterization of reactive dye-cassava mesocarp cation exchange resins

O Akaranta
GO Agiri


The synthesis of triazine based reactive dyes was carried out. The resultant dyes were characterized by thin layers chromatography, molecular weight, infrared and ultra- violet spectroscopy, and used in dyeing cassava mesocarp to produce dye modified cellulosic substrates. The dyed substrates were
tested for dye fixation, fastness (acid, alkali, wash) and solvent stability. Results obtained show that the dyes have excellent dyeing properties attributable to chemical bond formation between the dye molecules and the hydroxyl groups of the substrate (cassava mesocarp). The satisfactory fastness properties and good dye fixation on the substrate are of importance in the preparation of stable and efficient dye modified cellulosic ion exchange resins.

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eISSN: 1684-5315