Performance of baker's yeast produced using date syrup substrate on Arabic bread quality

  • SM Al-Eid
  • FM Al-jasass
  • SH Hamad
Keywords: Date syrup, molasses, baker's yeast, fermentation, Arabic bread, gas production power


Baker's yeast was produced from three selected baker's yeast strains using date syrup as a substrate at low and high flow rate compared to those produced using molasses substrates. Performance of the produced baker's yeasts on Arabic bread quality was investigated. Baking tests showed a positive relationship between total Arabic bread quality and yeast gassing power. This relationship could be used as a general reference to estimate the quality of such yeasts. The Arabic bread made with Hollandia yeast produced using date syrup at low flow rate exhibited the highest overall total quality bread score. Moreover, NCYC 1530 baker's yeasts produced using date syrup at high flow rate or 1:1 molasses to date syrup at low flow rate, significantly produced high quality Arabic breads. Results also
indicated that yeasts produced from the date syrup gave baking results comparable to yeasts produced from molasses. There were insignificant differences in gassing power between yeasts produced from date syrup and yeasts produced from molasses. So, it could be concluded that excellent quality Baker's yeast could be produced using date syrup substrate.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315