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The effects of different irrigation methods on root distribution, intensity and effective root depth of young dwarf apple trees

A Kadayifçi
U Senyigit
N Dadelen
H Öz
A Atilgan


The aim of this study is to determine the effects of different irrigation methods (drip, subsurface drip, surface and under-tree micro sprinkler) on the root distribution, intensity and effective root depth of “Williams Pride” and “Jersey Mac” apple cultivars budded on M9, rapidly grown in Isparta Region. The rootstocks were shallow root system and their root distribution was placed near trunk center and accumulated in diameter of 0.5 m and depth of 0.4 m of soil volume as bowl shape. The root intensity was reduced gradually away from surface and trunk; the root distribution was uniform in all irrigation methods used in the study. In other words, the effect of irrigation methods on root distribution was similar. Generally, the amount of “Williams Pride” root was higher than that of “Jersey Mac” variety. Therefore, these varieties have partial effect on root of the rootstock. Also, effective root depth was increased during the experimental years. Over the years, effective root depths obtained were 28.4 - 36.6 cm in 2006; 32.3 - 42.5 cm in 2007 and 37.1 - 45.2 cm in 2008, respectively. As a result, effective root depths for irrigation of the varieties can be taken as 40 - 45 cm until 3 years old.