Effect of feeding graded levels of biscuit waste based diet on non-carcass components of Yankasa rams

  • ES Apata
  • OO Eniolorunda
  • KA Ojo
  • AO Okubanjo
Keywords: Biscuit waste, Leucaena leucocephala, non-carcass components, Yankasa rams.


Five experimental diets B0 (0%, control), B1 (25%), B2 (50%), B3 (75%) and B4 (100%) were formulated with combined biscuit waste and Leucaena leucocephala meals and fed to 20 Yankasa rams for 91 days to evaluate their effects on non-carcass components of the rams. The rams were slaughtered at the expiration of the experiment and non-carcass components were measured which included external and internal offals, blood, bones and diaphragm. The results revealed that there were significant (P < 0.05) differences in the non-carcass components of all the rams fed different diets. It was further observed that diets B1 (25%) and B2 (50%) biscuit waste inclusion had the best (P < 0.05) effects on non-carcass components of the rams followed by diets B3 (75%) and B4 (100%) biscuit waste inclusion in that order compared with control diet B0 (0%) biscuit waste inclusion. It was therefore recommended that diets B1 and B2 be utilized for optimum results if non-carcass variables are desired in  Yankasa rams.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315