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Phylogenetic analysis of human Tp53 gene using computational approach

MH Khan, H Rashid, A Mir


The TP53 gene encoding p53 protein is involved in regulating a series of pathways. New discoveries about the function and control of p53 are still in progress and it is hoped to develop better therapeutics and diagnostics by exploiting this system. Evolutionary studies are of prime importance in the field of biological research since very long as provide the basis for comparative genomics. The sequence of Homo sapiens human TP53, transcript variant-1 mRNA sequence was retrieved from the NCBI in FASTA
format and was studied for its relationships and percent similarity within human and others species. Genetic variation among TP53 found in human beings and other organisms were studied in detail. Multiple sequence alignment and phylogenetic analysis of the human TP53, transcript variant-1 mRNA sequence through UPGMA was performed which showed its relationship and pattern of variations among different organisms. This study will help in modern research strategies through the manipulation of p53 as its pathways are emerging rapidly and one can predict its extensive clinical use in the near future for the human benefit worldwide.

Key words: P53, tumour, cancer, phylogeny, sequence alignment.

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