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Karyotype analyses of the species of the genus Jurinea Cass. (Compositae) in Turkey

B Dogan, A Duran, E Martin, EE Hakki


In this study, karyotype analyses of 13 species belonging to the genus Jurinea Cass. (Compositae) and grown naturally in Turkey were conducted. These taxa include Jurinea alpigena C. Koch, Jurinea ancyrensis Bornm., Jurinea aucherana DC., Jurinea cadmea Boiss., Jurinea cataonica Boiss. and Hausskn., Jurinea consanguinea DC., Jurinea cypria Boiss., Jurinea macrocalathia C. Koch., Jurinea macrocephala DC., Jurinea mollis (L.) Reichb., Jurinea pontica Hausskn. and Freyn ex Hausskn., Jurinea pulchella DC., Jurinea ramulosa Boiss. and Hausskn. Karyotype analysis of all the species are introduced to the scientific community for the first time and they were obtained through an Image analysis system. The study has made  contribution to the cytotaxonomic revision of the genus Jurinea in Turkey.

Key words: Asteraceae, Image analysis, Jurinea, karyotype, Turkey.

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