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Molecular and genetic characterization of OSH6 (<i>Oryza sativa Homeobox</i> 6) using dissociation (Ds) insertion mutant rice

SH Park
DW Yun
GS Lee
UH Yoon
BO Ahn
SC Park
YH Kim
YK Kim
CK Kim


Genetic studies of dissociation (Ds) insertion mutant rice plants indicated that ectopic expression of truncated OSH6 (Oryza sativa Homeobox 6) mRNA may be responsible for the mutant phenotype of knotted leaf formation at the peduncle. Additionally, ectopic expression of truncated OSH6 mRNA in the OSH6-Ds mutant plant led to alteration of other homeobox genes including OSH15 in leaf tissues. The OSH6-Ds mutant plant exhibited altered expression of more than 118 genes on a 22K rice microarray in comparison with wild type plants. Of these genes, 20 were up- or down-regulated in both OSH6-Ds and OSH6-overexpressing (OSH6-35S) plants. Especially, OsDof3 was not expressed in floral organs, but was present in the panicles of both OSH6-Ds and OSH6-35S plants. It is assumed that truncated OSH6 transcript might be actively involved in the gene expression during organ development. The genetic relationship between OSH6-Ds and OSH15 suggested that the formation of the extra leaf is independent of OSH6-Ds or OSH15 expression. These results suggest that truncated OSH6 mRNA influences lateral organ growth and development by regulating the expression of specific gene groups.

Key words: Oryza sativa Homeobox 6 (OSH6) genes, Ds insertion lines, OSH15 mutant.

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eISSN: 1684-5315