Enhancing the contribution of the legumes to the Nfertility of soils of the semi-arid zone of Nigeria

  • DA Machido
  • OO Olufajo
  • SE Yakubu
  • SS Yusufu
Keywords: Legumes, Rhizobium, seed inoculants, N-economy.


This paper attempts to focus attention on the N-fertility status of soils of the semi-arid zone of Nigeria. This is because, the region harbours a significant proportion of the national population figure, 75% of which is engaged in crop farming and animal keeping. These economic activities depend heavily on the soil resources available in the region. The first section, therefore, is a concise review of the general fertility status of the soils found in the region. This is followed by a section covering the position of legumes in the farming systems practiced by the semi-arid farmer. The role of the legumes as potential contributors to the N-economy of soils of the semi-arid zone is then highlighted. The need to develop appropriate technologies towards enhancing the contribution of legumes to the N-economy of the semiarid soils is also advocated. The paper concludes with a call on microbial physiologists,  geneticists and ecologists in concert with soil and plant scientists to rise to the challenge.

Key words. Legumes, Rhizobium, seed inoculants, N-economy.


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eISSN: 1684-5315