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Two novel missense mutations in bovine ATGL gene and their association with economic traits in Qinchuan cattle

H Cui, Q Meng, Y Qu, H Liu, C Feng, H Wang, Y Liu, L Zan, N Li


Adipose triglyceride lipase (ATGL) as a triglyceride-specific lipase, plays a key role in the triglyceride liposis mobilization of fat tissue. In this study, based on the  pyrosequencing technology, two novel missense mutations were identified, which were 3289 G>C in exon 6 bringing E277Q and 3514 A>T in exon 7 bringing T320S, respectively. The 3289 G>C mutation had significant effect on backfat thickness (BFT) (P < 0.01), and cattle with genotype CC had higher BFT than those with genotype GG and GC. The 3514 A>T locus was significantly associated with dressing percentage (DP), carcass chest depth (CCD) and marbling score (MS) (P < 0.05). Cattle with genotype TT had higher CCD and MS than those with genotype TT; cattle with genotype TT had higher DP than those with AA and AT. The results suggested that 3289 G>C and 3514 A>T SNPs of the ATGL gene may be useful as genetic markers for carcass and meat quality traits in cattle.

Key words: Adipose triglyceride lipase (ATGL) gene, polymorphism, pyrosequencing, meat quality, carcass traits.

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