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Proximate analysis of female population of wild feather back fish (<i>Notopterus notopterus</i>) in relation to body size and condition factor

M Naeem
A Rasul
A Salam
S Iqbal
A Ishtiaq
M Khalid
M Athar


The present study was conducted to investigate the proximate body composition of fresh water wild female Notopterus notopterus relative to its body size and condition factors. For this purpose, 54 specimens ranging from 18.50 to 27.90 cm in length and 53.07 to 179.06 g in weight were sampled from the Indus River Pakistan, during year 2007. Fish were blotted dry and their sex distinguished. Each specimen was dried and powdered to determine dry mass, water mass, ash content, protein content and organic content. There was good correlation between percentage water content and other constituents (percentage ash, protein and percentage organic contents) of yield processing. Total length remains constant (p > 0.05) with nutrient constituents. Equations were developed to describe relationship among body constituents, body mass and length. The equations of each constituent were estimated and found highly significant (p < 0.001). Regression was applied as a statistical tool to assess the difference among the body composition parameters.

Key words: Body composition, Notopterus notopterus, condition factor, wild fish.