Implementation of triticale in nutrition of non-ruminant animals

  • V Djekic
  • S Mitrovic
  • M Milovanovic
  • N Djuric
  • B Kresovic
  • A Tapanarova
  • V Djermanovic
  • M Mitrovic
Keywords: Triticale, chemical composition, nutritive capacity, nutrition.


Cognition of chemical composition and nutritive values of triticale grain as well as the effect of its application in non-ruminant animal nutrition were pointed out in this paper. There is a high level of proteins in the grain of triticale (2 to 3% more than wheat and 4% more than rye), with very beneficial amino acid composition, and is the reason for its usage in domestic animals nutrition. Nowadays, people are of the opinion that triticale is one of potential plant species with the brightest perspective in the production of food for domestic animals. Considering the increased production of triticale, some detail researching of its nutritional value is necessary due to the required evaluation of the role and significance in domestic animal nutrition based on triticale. Due to intensive plant breeding programs, there are new varieties of triticale in the market, distinctive by the higher yield and wide range of desired traits. As a result of this, triticale is becoming very attractive and is occupying larger portions of arable land. These review will show if there are some advantages of triticale compared to other cereals and how large the frame of these advantages is, as well as how it will affect the further spreading of triticale on arable land.

Key words: Triticale, chemical composition, nutritive capacity, nutrition.


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eISSN: 1684-5315