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A new method for promoting lily flowering

S Li, X Ren, C Huang, Z Wu, G Jia, X Zhang


FT is thought to be the florigen in plants. In this research, a new method for promoting lily flowering was introduced. The function of FT gene cloned from Arabidopsis on promoting lily flowering was analyzed. pET-30a-FT vector was constructed to indicate the expression of FT:eGFP fuse protein in prokaryotic cells. FT:eGFP was also constructed into plant virus vector-pGR106. Agrobacterium GV3101 harboring pGR106-FT was injected into lily. The injected lily showed early flowering when compared with the control plants. The detection of eGFP and PCR analysis indicated that the virus harboring FT:eGFP was replicated and expressed in the host plants. The results showed that FT:eGFP fuse protein functioned in promoting lily flowering.

Key words: FT, viral vector, lily.
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