Genetic variation at Exon2 of TLR4 gene and its association with resistant traits in chicken

  • Y Liu
  • GB Chang
  • GS Hu
  • Q Li
  • Q Xu
  • GH Chen
Keywords: Chicken, TLR4 gene, polymorphism, resistant traits.


This study was conducted to analyze the polymorphisms of chicken Toll-like receptors 4(TLR4) gene and aimed to provide a theoretical foundation for a further research on correlation between chicken TLR4 gene and disease resistance. Genetic variations at exon 2 of TLR4 gene in 14 chicken breeds and the red jungle fowl were detected by PCR-SSCP method and two alleles and three genotypes were found, Tibetan chicken and red jungle fowl only had BB genotype, while the others presented three genotypes of AA, BB and AB. Sequencing results showed two mutations, G114A and G142A, located at exon 2 of TLR4 gene. The results of Chi square test showed that all populations, except Xianju chicken, were in accordance with Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium at this locus (P > 0.05). According to analysis of population genetic variation, all the populations were at moderate polymorphism (0.25 < PIC < 0.5) except red jungle fowl and Tibetan chicken (PIC = 0). The study demonstrated that there were differences of normal anti-disease ability in Chinese indigenous chicken breeds and appeared no significant correlation with body size, product type and geographical location. The associated analysis of results showed that the SNPs of TLR4 gene in the study were not linked with potential major loci or genes affecting some resistant traits.

Key words: Chicken, TLR4 gene, polymorphism, resistant traits.


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eISSN: 1684-5315