An optimum medium designed and verified for alcohol vinegar fermentation

  • HL Yang
  • ZL Qi
  • XL Xia
  • Y Xin
  • L Zhang
  • YW Leng
  • W Quan
  • W Wang
Keywords: Formula, alcohol vinegar, fermentation nutrient.


In this article, a novel formula of nutrient salt for alcohol vinegar production was derived based on mass conservation theory of carbon source, nitrogen source and inorganic ions. Series of semicontinuous fermentations were successfully carried out in a Frings 10 L fermentation tank. The average acetification rate of semi-continuous fermentation was 2 g acetic acid/L*h within about 12 h, average stoichiometric yield was 94%, and then fed-batch trial for high concentration vinegar fermentation was successfully conducted. Both of these confirmed that this method applied was cost-effective. If this method is adopted in industry scale, vinegar manufacturers will reduce production cost significantly.

Key words: Formula, alcohol vinegar, fermentation nutrient.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315