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Rabbit defensin (NP-1) genetic engineering of plant

ZW Ting, HM Ming, L Jing, QW Jing, HZ Quan


Defensin is a small, cysteine-rich, cationic peptides family with antimicrobial and cytotoxic properties. Among all known defensins, neutrophil peptide-1 (NP-1), which is expressed mainly in rabbit neutrophils, has a broad resistance spectrum to pathogens such as Treponema pallidum, many Grampositive bacteria, Gram-negative bacteria, fungi, viruses. Besides, it has the same striking inhibition or toxic effect on some nausea and tumor cells. Due to the broad antibacterial spectrum and special mechanism of microbial inhibition, rabbit defensin has been transformed into some plants and expressed via genetic engineering. And it plays an important role in genetic engineering of anti-disease plants and plants species’ improvement. This article reviewed and discussed the advantages and research progress of the rabbit defensin genetic engineering of plant in recent years, and also focuses on the existing problems and new strategies in this area.

Key words: Rabbit defensin (NP-1), structure, bioactivity, genetic engineering of plant.

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