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Production of lignin peroxidase by Ganoderma leucidum using solid state fermentation

N Mehboob, MJ Asad, M Imran, M Gulfraz, FH Wattoo, SH Hadri, M Asghar


The main objectives of this study were to optimize the culture conditions for the production of lignin peroxidase by Ganoderma leucidum, economic utilization of waste corn cobs as inducers substrate by pollution free fermentation technology and to optimize the solid state fermentation (SSF) process for lignin peroxidase (LiP) production. Growth medium employed for the culture of G. leucidum for the production of LiP was supplied with fermentation conditions that were optimized before selection like incubation period, inoculum size, temperature, pH, substrate to water ratio, nitrogen source, yeast extract and cane molasses. Culture was harvested on the fourth day and diluted five times with distilled water and filtrate was stored in Eppendoff tubes for enzyme assay using 310 nm wave lengths in the spectrophotometer. Lignin peroxidase production was enhanced and maximum LiP activity (2807 U/ml) was found in the growth medium after 96 h, inoculum size 3 ml, pH 4.5 and temperature 35°C with substrate to water ratio of 20 ml/5 g, yeast extract 4%, (NH4)2SO4, 2% and cane molasses 3%. Results indicate the excellent scope of corn cobs as solid state substrate for the production of lignin peroxidase by G. leucidum.

Key words: Lignin peroxidase (LiP), Ganoderma leucidum, fermentation, corn cobs, cane molasses.
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