Effect of low protein diet supplemented with or without amino acids on the production of broiler

  • SA Khan
  • N Ujjan
  • G Ahmed
  • MI Rind
  • SA Fazlani
  • S Faraz
  • S Ahmed
  • M Asif
Keywords: Protein, amino acid, supplemented, broiler.


Experiment was carried out to investigate the effect of low protein diet supplemented with or without amino acids on the performance of broiler. Hubbard 375 day-old broiler were purchased, initially weighed and randomly divided into five groups (75 broilers in each group). Group A was kept as control given commercial feed, group B further divided into two group B1 and B2 were fed low CP (15 and 16%) ratio supplemented with lysine (1.0%) and methionine (0.5%) , while group C also further divided into group C1 and C2 were fed with the same low CP(15 and 16%) ratio without lysine and methionine supplementation. The experimental ratios were start up from fourth week of the experiment. Feed intake of broiler in group A, B1, B2, C1 and C2 was 3.793, 3.781, 3.739, 3.837 and 3.852 kg/b,(P > 0.05) and water intake 11.113, 11.494, 11.850, 11.277 and 11.252 lit/b, (P > 0.05), respectively. Live body weight of broiler was higher in B1 (2.149), than A(2.091), B2(2.069), C1(1.952) and C2(1.929), kg/b (P < 0.05) and their FCR was better for B1(1.75) than B2(1.80), A(1.81), C1(1.85) and C2(1.99), respectively. Carcass weight of broiler for A (1.227), B1 (1.339), B2 (1.210), C1 (1.155) and C2 (1.200) kg/b, (P > 0.05) and their dressing percentage were A(60.46), B1 ( 62.41), B2(60.48), C1 (59.59) and C2(59.22) percent (P > 0.05), respectively. Mortality of broiler in group A (5.3), B1 (2.6), B2 (6.6), C1 (4.0) and C2 (1.3) percent (P > 0.05), respectively. The average weight of liver, heart, gizzard, spleen and intestine for various group of broiler were found non significant (P > 0.05). Net profit was better in group B1 (75.5), followed by B2 (68.3), A (62.5), C1 (51.8) and C2 (49.9) Rs/b, respectively. It was concluded that low protein diet supplemented with lysine plus methionine significantly improved live body weight of broiler.

Key words: Protein, amino acid, supplemented, broiler.


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eISSN: 1684-5315