Partial characterization of three β-defensin gene transcripts in river buffalo and cattle

  • AAA Mossallam
  • SME Nahas
  • NM Sabry
  • ER Mahfouz
  • AA Hassan
Keywords: β-Defensin 4, β-defensin 10, β-defensin 11, lingual antimicrobial peptide (LAP), river buffalo, cattle.


In this study, the tracheal tissues from Egyptian river buffalo and cattle were screened for the presence of three bovine β-defensin gene transcripts. Three primer pairs were designed on the basis of published Bos taurus sequences for partial amplification of β-defensin 4, β-defensin 10 and β-defensin 11 complementary DNA (cDNA). The amplified cDNA products of the three genes in both buffalo and cattle were sequenced. The sequences were analyzed to verify gene identity and to identify differences with the corresponding buffalo (Bubalus bubalis bubalis) and/or cattle (Bos taurus) β-defensin mRNAs published sequences in the GenBank database. β-Defensin 4 and β-defensin 10 primer pairs amplified cDNA sequences in buffalo and cattle that corresponded to those mRNAs of the two genes in GenBank database with nucleotide percentage homology of 83 and 84% for β-defensin 4, and 87 and 90% for β-defensin10, respectively. The translated protein sequences obtained for buffalo and cattle showed protein percentage similarity of 86 and 81% for β-defensin 4, and 87.5 and 87% for β-defensin 10 with the corresponding proteins of B. bubalis bubalis and/or B. taurus in GenBank database. On the other hand, cDNA sequences amplified by β-defensin 11 primer pair in both buffalo and cattle corresponded more to lingual antimicrobial peptide (LAP) mRNAs of B. bubalis bubalis and B. taurus (94 and 82% nucleotide similarity and 92 and 77% translated-protein similarity) rather than β-defensin 11 mRNA of B. taurus (68 and 66% nucleotide similarity and 74 and 65.5% translated-protein similarity).

Key words: β-Defensin 4, β-defensin 10, β-defensin 11, lingual antimicrobial peptide (LAP), river buffalo, cattle.


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eISSN: 1684-5315