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Attainment of hydrogel-thickened nanoemulsions with tea tree oil (<i>Melaleuca alternifolia</i>) and retinyl palmitate

JS Oliveira
TA Aguiar
H Mezadri
ODH dos Santos


We propose the development of hydrogel-thickned nanoemulsions (HTNs) with tea tree essential oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) and vitamin A palmitate (retinyl palmitate). Nanoemulsions and HTNs were produced by the use of phase inversion method, employing non-ionic surfactants. As surfactant phase were used sorbitan esters and hydrogenated/ethoxylated castor oil. HTNs with drops size ranging between 86 to 96 nm were obtained, depending on the polymer used, with increased viscosity. Rheological profile of developed HTNs was determined, showing the influence of the kind of polymer used, here all presented pseudo-plastic behaviour, with different viscosity measurement.

Key words: Nanoemulsion, hydrogel-thickened nanoemulsion, essential oil, phase inversion, vitamin A, retinyl palmitate, tea tree oil.

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eISSN: 1684-5315