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Adipose tissue-derived stem cells in oral mucosa tissue engineering: Enhanced migration and proliferation in co-culture with oral keratinocytes in vitro

Q Zhang, YM Xu, HB Li, MK Xie, JH Wang


Tissue-engineered oral mucosa holds a great prospect in urethroplasty and adipose tissue-derived stem cells (ADSCs) may play an important role in this field. In this research, canine oral keratinocytes (OKs) and ADSCs were harvested and cultured in vitro. The affinity between the two cell lines was evaluated by analyzing their migration and proliferation patterns in a co-culture environment. The results demonstrate that both canine ADSCs and OKs showed improved migration in the presence of the other cell line as a co-culture when compared to monoculture. Further, conditioned medium using the supernatant of one cell line accelerated the other cell line’s proliferation rate. Hence, it was concluded that the affinity between OKs and ADSCs was fitting; the presence of ADSCs accelerated the migration and proliferation of OKs in vitro. These results indicate that it is practical to use ADSCs and OKs to construct a tissue-engineered oral mucosa, since the presence of the former could activate the latter in vitro, maybe even in vivo. This may help to build tissue-engineered oral mucosa, which may be a new method for urethroplasty.

Key words: Urethroplasty, adipose tissue-derived stem cells, oral keratinocytes, tissue engineering.

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