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Diversity of micro-crustaceans in temporary habitats of the province of Sasalı (Izmir, Turkey)

C Aygen


A study on the distribution of micro-crustaceans in seven temporary habitats of the province of Sasalı (Izmir) was conducted between 27 March and 10 April 2011. 15 micro-crustacean species, comprising eight ostracods, four branchiopods and three copepods were identified. All species registered represent new reports for the studies area. One of these, living populations of Heterocypris barbara var. barbara is recorded for the first time. The highest number of species per site was nine, with the most frequent species being Daphnia (Ctenodaphnia) magna (Cladocera) and Eucypris virens (Ostracoda). Our results highlight the importance of temporary habitats as potential biodiversity hotspots, in spite of a few carried out by freshwater ecologists and taxonomists in undertaking scientific investigations in these environments.

Key words: Ostracoda, cladocera, copepoda, biodiversity, Izmir, Turkey.

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eISSN: 1684-5315