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Comparative morphological and ecological studies of two Stachys species (sect. Eriostomum, subsect. Germanicae) grown in Turkey

E Erdoğan, E Akçiçek, S Selvi, G Tümen


In this study, comparative morphological and ecological studies of Stachys balansae and S. carduchorum were investigated. Morphologically, general views of taxa and micromorphological features of the trichomes were studied. S. balansae differs from S. carduchorum in its leaves sericeouspilose on the upper surface and narrow oblong-lanceolate cauline leaves. It was observed that there are some differences in calyx and leaves indumentum in two species. In ecological studies, Stachys species grow on loamy and clayey-loamy soils, with pH of 7.29 to 7.60, with 2.32–6.06% of organic matter,110-172% of total salt content, 8.02 -24.51% phosphorus and 204-254% potassium.

Key words: Morphology, Micromorphology, Ecology, Lamiaceae, Stachys, Turkey.
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