Quality characteristics of fresh-cut ‘Hami’ melon treated with 1-methylcyclopropene

  • Q Guo
  • L Cheng
  • J Wang
  • F Che
  • P Zhang
  • B Wu
Keywords: 1-MCP, fresh-cut, melon, quality.


To further understand the response of ‘Hami' melon to 1- methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) and search for additional more reliable parameters to determine edible quality, fresh-cut ‘Hami' melons were treated with 0, 1.0 μL/L 1-MCP, 1.0 μL/L 1-MCP + 10 μL/L ethylene and 10 μL/L ethylene, then stored at 4°C and relative humidity 90 to 95% for 10 days. Ethylene production and respiratory rate were evaluated. Effects of 1-MCP on firmness, electrolyte leakage rate, appearance, the soluble solids content, decay rate and vitamin C were measured in order to help elucidate their potential roles during melon storage. In addition, the role of microbial counts during storage in response to 1-MCP was analysed. It was observed that in fresh-cut ‘Hami' melon treated with 1-MCP, ethylene production was reduced, but no change in respiration rate was recorded. 1-MCP treatment significantly influenced the decrease of appearance and increase of decay, maintained high content of vitamin C and the soluble solids content. It also had high effect on reducing ethylene-induced on firmness, electrolyte leakage rate and translucency. Microbial counts of 1-MCP treated fresh-cut ‘Hami' melon were still in low level after storage at 4°C.

Key words: 1-MCP, fresh-cut, melon, quality.


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eISSN: 1684-5315