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Apoptosis induced by GanoPoly in human gastric cancer cell line SGC-7901 cells

TW Hui
L Hong
L Gang
ZY Qing
Q Rui


In order to investigate polysaccharide effect on the cultured human gastric cancer cells (SGC7901), DNA ladder, flow cytometry and western blot were used to examine the morpholog, proliferation and apoptosis of human gastric cancer SGC-7901 cells when they were affected by polysaccharide. Results show that multiplication of the cultured cells was restrained by treating with polysaccharide, especially with long time and higher polysaccharide concentration. The cultured cells performed typical apoptosis both in morphological characters and DNA fragmentation after been treated in 48 h with 10 mg/ml polysaccharide. There were about 40% of the cultured cells present in apoptosis, but the expression of BCL-2 protein was down-regulated, while the concentration of BAX protein was up-regulated. This research indicated that polysaccharide can induce human gastric cancer cells apoptosis and restrain the cells multiplication, which can be used for human gastric cancer’s active therapy.

Key words: Apoptosis, polysaccharide, human gastric cancer cells.