Transcriptional factor influence on OTA production and the quelling attribute of Sirna on the OTA producing strains of Aspergillus section Nigri

  • B.T. Thomas
  • L.A. Ogunkanmi
  • B.A. Iwalokun
  • G.C Agu
Keywords: Transcriptional factors, Ochratoxin A, siRNA, Quelling, Aspergillus section Nigri


This study determined the influence of some transcriptional factors on ochratoxin A production as well as investigates the quelling attributes of some designed siRNA on the OTA producing Aspergillus section Nigri using standard recommended techniques. Results obtained following comparison of the pks gene promoter sequences from 15 isolates depicts differences in length and homology with the pks gene ranging from 218bp in a strain of the Aspergillus niger to 700bp in Aspergillus carbonarius. The alignment of the pks gene promoter region revealed that six and two of the aligned genes have Aba A binding site corresponding to CATTCT and CATTCC respectively while Brl A binding site was absent in all the isolates. Pac C binding site corresponding to CCTGGC and GCCAAG was also found in two and three of the pks gene promoter region respectively. The three designed siRNA shows significant impact on OTA inhibitions with no significant statistical differences (80.9, 74.4 and 75.3% for pks_Ia, pks_Ib and pks_Ic respectively) (F= 3.830, p>0.05). It can be concluded that Are A and Aba A are potential enhancers for ochratoxin A biosynthesis and none of the investigated transcriptional factors is enough for the activation of ochratoxin A production. However, pks gene was seen as a good target gene for inactivation in order to develop efficient means for ochratoxin A control using RNA silencing technology.

Key words: Transcriptional factors, Ochratoxin A, siRNA, Quelling , Aspergillus section Nigri


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eISSN: 1595-689X