The Impact of Teacher Qualification and Subject Major in the Teaching of Mathematics in Lesotho.

  • U I Ogbonnaya
  • J O Osiki


This study investigated the relationship between students' achievement in mathematics and teacher qualification and subject major. A self report instrument was used to collect data from Form C (Grade 10) mathematics teachers in the Maseru District in Lesotho, Southern Africa. The stratified random sampling technique was adopted for the study in the selection of 40 participants screened on the basis of type of ownership of schools. Out of the 40 teachers, 18 (45.0%) were males while 22(55.0%) were female. The simple correlation and regression statistics at the 0.01 and 0.05 significant levels were utilized for data analysis as well as the statistical inference. Findings indicated a significant positive relationship between students' academic achievement in mathematics and teacher qualification and subject majors. The findings therefore suggest that the policies adopted by the Ministry of Education concerning qualifications and subject majors of teachers that are employed make important difference in the students academic achievement in mathematics in Lesotho.

African Journal of Cross-Cultural psychology and sport facilitation (AJCPSF) Vol. 9 2007: pp. 37-48

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eISSN: 1119-7056