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Basement and alluvial aquifers of Malawi: An overview of groundwater quality and policies

HWT Mapoma, X Xie


This paper highlights the quality of groundwater in basement and alluvial aquifers of Malawi through literature assessment. Groundwater in these aquifers serves about 60% of Malawian population. Alluvial aquifers yield high groundwater in excess of 10 L/s and more mineralized than basement aquifers. The values from literature are presented as ranges. The geochemical quality of both aquifer types are classified as good. However, in some cases values higher than maximum permissible limits (MPL) are worrisomely apparent. Significant levels for some elements have been demonstrated. Although groundwater policies and instruments are available, more groundwater research, monitoring, data archiving is needed.

Key words: Alluvial aquifer, basement complex, groundwater quality, borehole water, shallow wells, Malawi.
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