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Histopathological changes induced by copepoda parasites infections on the gills of economically important fish mugilidae (Liza falcipinnis and Mugil cephalus) from Ganvie area of Lac Nokoue, Republic of Benin

NF Aladetohun, NG Sakiti, EE Babatunde


Histopathological changes induced by copepods parasitic infection on the gills of economically important fish, Mugil cephalus and Liza falcipinnis from Ganvie area of Lac Nokoue were examined from December 2011 to July 2012. Histopathological changes shows that the nature of damage observed in the gill of both M. cephalus and L. falcipinnis remained the same. Histopathological observation reveals serious damage of lamellae and gill filaments due to attachment and feeding of copepods. The resultant hypertrophy of the underlying epithelial reducing the surface area for effective respiration, could lead to suffocation, particularly at high temperature. The histopathological changes enacted by the copepods parasites will eventually lead to reduced growth, low productivity and mortality resulting in economic loss.

Key words: Copepoda, parasite, histopathology, Mugilidae, Ganvie.
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