Heavy metals concentration in various tissues of two freshwater fishes, Labeo rohita and Channa striatus

  • SA Mastan


Heavy metals like cadmium, zinc, copper, chromium, lead and mercury were measured in the various tissues of Labeo rohita and Channa striatus and in the water samples collected from the Kolleru Lake, Andhra Pradesh during 2009-2010. The concentrations of heavy metals in the different organs of fishes varied. In L. rohita, the concentrations of heavy metals were in the order of liver > kidney > gills > muscles and in C. striatus, it was liver > kidney > gills > muscle. The values of heavy metals concentration in the present study are within the maximum permissible levels for drinking water and fish.

Key words: Heavy metals, tissues, fish, Kolleru Lake.


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eISSN: 1996-0786
print ISSN: 1996-0786