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Study on degradation of malathion and phorate in various environmental matrices

Gangadhar Battala, Tharakeswar Yadamari, Sujan Kumar Korivi, Ramakrishna Naidu Gurijala, RK Singhal


The degradation of Malathion and Phorate was studied in four soil samples under different  laboratorycontrolled and environmental conditions. Soil and water samples were collected from different sites. Soil samples, having been contaminated with malathion and phorate and were poured in different water samples like well water, river water and sea water so as to understand the leaching and degradation
ability of malathion and phorate in different environmental matrices. These matrices were selected on the basis of their different physico-chemical characteristics and chemical composition. The investigation results showed that the malathion and phorate were hydrolyzed and degraded faster at basic environments with high salinity, whereas it was observed that they were extremely slower in the neutral and acidic  environments. It was considered that it was due to the physico-chemical characteristics of soil, water and salinity. The type of soil and its organic carbon content along with other microbiological degradation had also influenced the degradation of malathion and phorate. It was observed that the degradation of  Malathion and Phorate was faster in sea water with high salinity. Limited degradation was observed in distilled water followed by river water and ground water. The degradation was pH dependent. Malathion and phorate were degraded more rapidly at basic media.

Key words: Malathion, phorate, degradation, environmental matrices.
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