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Antibacterial activity of Dracontomelon dao extracts on Methicillin-Resistant S. aureus (MRSA) and E. coli Multiple Drug Resistance (MDR)

Yuniati Yuniati, Nurul Hasanah, Sjarif Ismail, Silvia Anitasari, Swandari Paramita


Background: Staphylococcus aureus, methicillin-resistant and Escherichia coli, multidrug-resistant included in the list of antibiotic-resistant priority pathogens from WHO. As multidrug-resistant bacteria problem is increasing, it is necessary to probe new sources for identifying antimicrobial compounds. Medicinal plants represent a rich source of antimicrobial agents. One of the potential plants for further examined as antibacterial is Dracontomelon dao (Blanco) Merr. & Rolfe. The present study designed to find the antibacterial activity of D. dao stem bark extracts on Methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA) and E. coli Multiple Drug Resistance (MDR), followed by determined secondary metabolites with antibacterial activity and determined the value of MIC (minimum inhibitory concentration) and MBC (minimum bactericidal concentration).

Materials and Methods: D. dao stem bark extracted using 60% ethanol. Disc diffusion test methods used to find the antibacterial activity, following by microdilution methods to find the value of MIC and MBC. Secondary metabolites with antibacterial activity determined by bioautography using TLC (thin layer chromatography) methods.

Results: D. dao stem bark extracts are sensitive to MSSA, MRSA and E.coli MDR bacteria. The inhibition zone is 16.0 mm in MSSA, 11.7 mm in MRSA and 10.7 mm in E. coli MDR. The entire MBC/MIC ratios for MSSA, MRSA and E.coli MDR is lower than 4. The ratio showed bactericidal effects of D. dao stem bark extracts. In TLC results, colorless bands found to be secondary metabolites with antibacterial activity.

Conclusion:  D. dao stem bark extracts are potential to develop as antibacterial agent especially against MRSA and E. coli MDR strain.

Keywords: Antibacterial, Dracontomelon dao, MRSA, E. coli MDR
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