Copyright Literacy among Nigerian Librarians: A Survey of Copyright Awareness, Attitudes, and Abilities

  • Amrollah Shamsi
  • Raju N. Vasantha
  • Brady D. Lund
  • Oluwole O. Durodolu
Keywords: Copyright Literacy, Copyright Awareness Copyright Attitude, Nigeria


As copyright issues become increasingly prominent in the Internet age, librarians must have a high-level of knowledge in order to ensure that copyright laws are followed, and patrons are aware of potential violations. This study examines the awareness of and attitudes towards copyright policy and practices among professional librarians in Nigeria. A 27-item survey distributed in early 2021 to 110 library professionals received 85  responses. Threefourths of participants indicated that they had a moderate or extremely good awareness of copyright, though competency in  specific aspects of copyright varied greatly (e.g., 90% were familiar with national copyright laws, but only 14% with the concept of “copyleft”).  Responses were mixed as to whether the libraries at which librarians were employed had a specific copyright policy in place or aligned with national copyright legislation. Based on the findings of this survey, suggestions for improving copyright education and practices in libraries.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0795-4778