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Website Design on Some Aspects of a People’s Culture: The Binis of Edo State, Nigeria

Nosakhare Ibukun Adagbasa


The Benin Empire, is one of the most popular empires in African civilisation. It was also of major significance to Western civilisation because of its unique artistic skills, which was an indication of an already developed society. Using tape/video recorders, interviews and desk research, aspects of the culture of the Binis were captured and developed into a web site. The study also developed a Bini version of the site as part of the efforts towards promoting African culture. A combination of hierarchical and linear web site design methods were used and usability tests were carried out, using the two major Internet browsers, Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer.

(African Journal of Library, Archives and Information Science: 2002 12 (2): 133-144)

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eISSN: 0795-4778