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Sensitising Users for Increased Information Use: The Case of Nigerian Farmers

Innocent I Ekoja


This is a descriptive research that used a questionnaire, documentary sources and interviews to find out how much do Nigerian farmers know and access NAERLS information services, and how much the knowledge and access have acted as impetus for increased information use as revealed in their level of information needs. The six broad information services of the NAERLS are farm broadcasts (radio and television), extension publications, agricultural shows/farmers' field days, training whose beneficiaries are extension agents, extension advisory and library services. Generally, the information services are well known and accessed by farmers in the zones they are meant for, especially services rendered via extension agents, posters and leaflets, the radio, agricultural shows and farmers' field days. The sustained provision of the NAERLS information services has also adequately sensitised many Nigerian farmers to their information needs, and as a consequence, they are likely to use more agricultural information, if made available.

Afr. Lib. Arch. & Inf. Sci. Vol.14(2) 2004: 193-204