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Library Automation in Nigeria: The Bowen University Library Experience

AO Otunla
EA Akanmu-Adeyemo


An automated library environment is quite different from that of a library whose operations and services are still done manually. The paper shares Bowen University Library, Iwo, Nigeria automation experiences using Open Source Library Management Software, Koha. The paper explains the automation process such as choice of software, installation and configuration, training of staff and users, retrospective conversion, challenges and experience after automation. The paper carries out survey of library user satisfaction with the system. The result shows that users prefer the automated system to manual system. It also explains how automation has enhanced operations and provision of information services. The paper among others encourages libraries to consider the use of an open source software for their automation project, advises that they should be open to changes that ICT introduces to library profession, and settle the issue of regular power supply with management before embarking on automation project.

Keywords: University Library; Bowen University; Library Automation; Bowen University Library; Academic Library Automation.