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Preservation and Management of Audiovisual Archives in Botswana.

N Mnjama


This paper reviews the state of the audio-visual collections held by different government institutions in Botswana. The rationale of such review rests on the observation that although audiovisual materials constitute a vital information resource in such institutions, they are often not adequately managed after they are created. The paper identifies the types of audiovisual materials found in the public sector and the challenges in the management of the materials. The paper shows that many of the problems related to the management of audiovisual materials in the country emanate from weak legislative framework, lack of trained personnel in the management of audiovisual materials, technological challenges, inadequate storage facilities and the perception by users that audiovisual materials are not as valuable as records in other formats. The paper proffers strategies for dealing with the challenges of preserving and improving the use of audiovisual materials in Botswana.

Keywords: Audiovisual materials, records management, preservation, National Archives, Botswana.