Brown tumor of lumber spint in patient with chronic renal failure

  • A Bertal
  • M Zamd
  • M Karkouri
  • A Sanda
  • K Ibahiouin
  • A naja
  • A Elkamar
  • A El Azhari
Keywords: Brown tumor, hyperparathyroidism, lumbar spine, osteoclastomas, parathyroidectomy


Brown tumors are erosive bone lesions caused by increased osteoclastic activity. They usually occur in the severe forms of secondary  hyperparathyroidism, as in patients with hemodialysis-dependent chronic renal disease. Involvement of the lumbar spine with this tumor causing neural compression is extremely rare. We report a 49-year-old man, who had been on haemodialysis for CRF for over 15 years, presented with leg weakness and back pain over the thoracolumbar junction. There were no motor or sensory disturbances. Spinal MRI revealed osteolytic lesions of the ribs and lumbar vertebrae L1. The clinical and radiological abnormalities resolved after parathyroidectomy and spine surgery.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1015-8618
print ISSN: 1992-2647