Diagnostic value of ultrasonography in evaluation and management of acute abdominal conditions in the paediatric age group

  • M Khalid
  • N Redhu
  • B Nazir
  • S Khalid
  • RS Chana
  • A Jha
Keywords: Computed tommography, pediatric, acute abdomen


Background: The aims of this study have been elaborated below: (1) to enumerate the common causes of acute abdominal emergencies by ultrasonography in paediatric patients; (2) to establish the diagnostic effi cacy of ultrasonography in evaluation of acute abdominal conditions in children and to illustrate the associated ultrasonographic fi ndings; (3)  and, to discuss the role of ultrasonography in guiding the mode of intervention in these cases.

Patients and Methods: This prospective study of ultrasonographic examination in 146 paediatric patients presenting with acute onset abdominal pain at the  emergency/paediatric outpatient department section of Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College & Hospital, Aligarh, between June 2006 and December  2007, using 3.75 MHz and 8 MHz transducers of the ADARA (Siemens) machine.

Results: Common causes of acute abdominal emergencies in pediatric   patients as noted on ultrasonography included nonspecifi c pain (28%), abdominal abscess (21%), acute appendicitis (7%) and intussusception (7%). Ultrasonography was diagnostic in 45.2% cases and supportive in
12.3% of the cases. As for as the fi nal outcome, ultrasonography  prevented surgery in almost 20% cases and laparotomy was avoided in 7% of the patients as ultrasound guided interventions in the form of abscess aspiration were carried out.

Conclusion: Ultrasonography evaluation of children with acute abdominal pain, helps in making signifi cant changes in the management plan of the patients, and also reveals various clinically unsuspected diseases.

Key words: Computed tommography, pediatric, acute abdomen


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