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One-day bowel preparation in children with colostomy using normal saline

EA Ameh, CS Lukong, PM Mshelbwala, MA Anumah, A Gomna


Background: Colonic and colorectal surgery frequently requires bowel preparation. This is an evaluation of the use of normal saline for one-day
bowel preparation in children with colostomy.

Patients and Methods: A prospective study of 55 children with colostomy who had one-day bowel preparation for colonic and colorectal surgical procedures in a 3-year period. The information, along with clinical data was recorded on a structured proforma. Data were analysed using SPSS version 11.0.

Results: There were 33 boys and 22 girls. The median age was 4 years (range, one month - 13 years). The primary diagnosis were as follows: Anorectal malformation, 24 (44%); Hirschsprung`s disease, 24 (44%); Faecal incontinence- post-abdominoperineal pull-through, 2 (4%);  Penetrating rectal injury, 1 (2%); others, 4(8%). Intraoperative bowel luminal fluid cleanliness was assessed as clear in 36 (62%) and  contaminated in 21 (38%). Overall, postoperatively, superficial surgical site
infection occurred in 6 (10.9%) patients (2 had clean intraoperative colonic fluid, 5.9%.

Conclusion: Oneday bowel preparation using normal saline is effective and safe in children with colostomy.
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