African Journal of Rheumatology

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Defining gout and hyperuricemia in sub-Saharan Africa: A review

E.K. Genga, G.O. Oyoo


Objective: Gout is an inflammatory disease characterized by  hyperuricemia. There is paucity of data on epidemiology and its overall impact in an African setting. Once thought to be rare in Africa, the numbers are increasing with more Africans adopting a western lifestyle. In view of these observations, this review looks to shed light on gout in sub-Saharan Africa.

Recent findings: Drivers of the surge in numbers of gout and hyperuricemia in Africa include the adoption of western lifestyle, higher socio-economic status, male sex and excess alcohol consumption. Further contributions are from the rising number of lifestyle diseases such as obesity, hypertension and diabetes.

Conclusion: There are increasing numbers of publications refl ecting a growing recognition of gout in sub Saharan Africa (sSA).

Key words: Gout, Hyperuricemia, sub-Saharan Africa

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